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Police charges Viktoriagruppe ex-managers over missing diesel oil

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Prague, April 5 (CTK) – The police have accused Petr Maly, the former owner of Viktoriagruppe, Lubomir Novotny, its Czech branch executive, another two men and one firm over a suspected fraud linked to missing Czech state diesel oil reserves, state attorney Tomas Minx has told the server.

After several years of investigation, charges were raised due to the missing fuel reserves which were formerly stored in Krailling, Bavaria, with estimated damage reaching 108 million crowns.

None of the managers wanted to comment on the case, the server wrote on Thursday.

The Viktoriagruppe company was responsible for the storage of Czech Republic’s emergency diesel oil reserves worth about one billion crowns in Germany. After the firm went bankrupt in 2015, the country strived to move the oil from Bavaria through negotiations with the bankruptcy administrator.

Once all the reserves were back in the country, measurements of the volume of the reserves confirmed concerns as to millions of litres of the fuel actually missing.

The Administration of State Material Reserves (SSHR) stated they were short of 6.3 million of litres of the fuel.

According to detectives, part of the fuel never reached the Bavarian warehouse. Maly and Novotny, along with another two suspects, allegedly falsified the data documenting its receipt early in 2011, the server writes.

“They presented two fictitious documents to the SSHR, by which they falsely declared the physical storage of the fuel in the Krailling warehouse, even though everyone was aware that the declared fuel never arrived in the storage facility,” the server cites a document on the case.

The suspects reportedly used the same document twice to cover for the actual volume of the stored fuel, thus stealing 44 million crowns, the server writes.

Early in 2013, the company carried over four million litres of diesel oil away from the warehouse three times at the command of Maly, selling it later. They did not inform the SSHR about the fact and failed to pay almost 62 million crowns for the fuel.

Moreover, the company was charging for the storage of the missing fuel for two and a half years, causing damage of almost two million crowns.

With regard to the damage, the four suspects’ property was blocked following the charges, the server writes.

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