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Poll: Czechs have high trust in army, police, courts

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Prague, April 5 (CTK) – Czechs have the highest confidence in the military (69 percent), the police (66 percent) and courts (56 percent), while the institutions they trust the least are churches (25 percent), NGOs (36 percent) and the press (39 percent), according to the latest CVVM poll released on Thursday.

People previously expressed such high trust in soldiers, police officers and judges only in September 2014.

The CVVM polling centre has been conducting this kind of polls since 1994.

Most people said they trusted banks (54 percent) and the radio (52 percent). Public opinion polls are considered trustworthy by 49 percent, the Internet by 46 percent and trade unions by 41 percent, but the groups of those who labelled polls, Internet and unions untrustworthy were smaller as a part of the respondents did not have a clear opinion on them.

Television is trusted by 43 percent, but 54 percent of respondents did not trust it.

However, trust in media showed a significant increase from last October to March when the latest poll was conducted, especially trust in the press and television went up.

The public trust in churches markedly dropped in late 2012, which seemed to be connected with the church property return (restitution), the pollsters said. The trust in churches slightly rose afterwards and about one in four people has had confidence in them since then.

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