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Czech, Slovak, Polish police crack down on drug gang

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Bratislava, Sept 5 (CTK) – An international police team from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland has busted a gang which was producing tens of kilograms of pervitin (methamphetamine) a week, Peter Hrasko, head of the Slovak elite police team NAKA, told journalists on Tuesday.

In all, charges were brought against 41 people in the three countries, Hrasko said, adding that in their raids, the police found much cash and a gun.

The drug lab was situated in the Czech Republic.

“This narcotic was delivered to all the west Bohemia area near the German border as well as the markets in the rest of the Czech Republic and Slovakia,” Hrasko said.

The gang members bought at least 44,000 packages of the medicines with the substances from which perivitin can be produced from pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies in Poland, Hrasko said.

They drove the medicines to the Slovak village Skalite where they ground it and then they drove the gained raw material for the production of pervitin to the Czech Republic.

Some Vietnamese living in Hungary and Slovakia also joined the manufacturing process, Hrasko said, calling them the “biggest experts in pervitin processing.”

In Poland, charges have been brought against 30 people in connection with the case and in the Czech Republic eight, Hrasko said.

The Slovak police have accused an organiser and two helpers of the Slovak branch of the gang, including a citizen of the Czech Republic, 56.

The number of the charged people is not yet final, Hrasko said.

The international team worked on the case code-named Skala for nine months.

In the Czech Republic and Poland alone, 650 police worked on the investigation.

In the raid, the police found 13 million crowns in various currencies, a gun and unstamped tobacco.

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