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More and more Czech pensioners live abroad

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Prague, March 6 (CTK) – The number of people who receive Czech pensions and live abroad has been steadily growing in the 2010s and it was 93,236 last year compared to 59,548 in 2010, according to data that CTK received from Czech Social Security Administration (CSSZ) spokeswoman Jana Buranova on Tuesday.

More than two thirds of the recipients stay in the neighbouring countries: 32,001 pensions are sent to Slovakia, 19,197 to Germany and 15,378 to Poland.

In total, the CSSZ is sending pensions to people in 88 foreign countries.

In several countries there was only one recipient in 2017, including Algeria, Andorra, India, Iran, Madagascar, Morocco, Pakistan and Seychelles.

The pensions of people who live abroad are sent to their account in a bank located either in the Czech Republic or abroad or cheques are sent. To Slovakia, pensions can be paid only to a bank account.

The recipients of Czech pensions based abroad must regularly confirm in writing that they are alive.

Number of recipients of Czech pensions staying abroad:

Year Number
2017 93,236
2016 90,464
2015 87,588
2014 84,252
2013 80,173
2012 75,157
2011 66,689
2010 59,548
Source: Czech Social Security Administration (CSSZ)

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