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MfD: Czechs are leaving Ostrava region

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Prague, July 4 (CTK) – The Moravia-Silesia Region seems rather self-confident, but statistical data show that 60,000 people moved out the region and only 30,000 moved in it during the past ten years, David Stverka writes in daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) Saturday.

Most of those who left moved to central and southern Moravia or Central Bohemia. Somebody might argue that people want to leave Ostrava and other towns of Moravia-Silesia in order to live in the countryside, but the statistics show that the leavers find their new homes mostly in the cities of Prague, Brno, Plzen and Olomouc.

Although many locals repeatedly say their life in Moravia-Silesia is really good and very special, the truth is that the quality of life in Ostava is lower than in the other cities, Stverka writes.

The statisticians only write that people move elsewhere to find jobs, yet there are other reasons, too, he says.

These reasons may become clear when one reads about the events from the everyday life.

The OKD mining company and the related VOKD construction company were famous and prosperous once, but now bankruptcy will be declared on VOKD and the good times of OKD are long gone, Stverka writes.

On Monday, the court proceedings with Petr Kramny, charged with the murders of his wife and daughter during their vacation in Egypt, started in Ostrava.

It seems that half of the ugly crimes committed in the country occur in Moravia-Silesia or that the suspects come from the Ostrava region, Stverka writes.

He says Ostrava is famous for its football club Banik.

The club lost its stadium which it had to sell to the city, it fell out with its best-known players and lost its fans who are boycotting the home matches and showing their contempt for the club’s owner and management, Stverka writes.

It seems too little to rejoice over the fact that the team was not relegated from the top league in the past season.

Another symbol of the region are the Beskydy Mountains, which local businesspeople consider an area overlooked by tourists, Stverka writes.

The region should have a good concept and support tourism in the Beskydy Mountains. But most websites operated by the regional tourism centre primarily say that the nature is affected by coal mining and metallurgy. Such promotion both home and abroad is really bad, Stverka writes.

However, there is an exception – the music festival Colours Colours of Ostrava that will start in a few days, bring Bjork and other musicians to the city and attract tens of thousands of people, Stverka writes.

But these people will spend only a few days in Ostrava and none of them will decide to stay – because there is no real reason to stay, he says.

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