Prague, July 3 (CTK) – Thousands of people on Friday supported an open letter from the Stop Hatred group denouncing racism and xenophobia in Czech society, published by the activists on their web site.

They turn to Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (both Social Democrats, CSSD) with the demand that as government representatives they should clearly condemn hateful and anti-constitutional manifestations of opponents of migration.

The group also wants to show that Czech society is not indifferent to hateful signs.

Some 700 people attended a demonstration against immigrants and quotas for their redistribution across Europe and for the departure from the EU at the Wenceslas Square in Prague’s heart on July 1.

In their march, the demonstrators shouted the slogans “Czech Lands to Czechs,” “We Are the Nation” and “This is Our Home.”

The participants warned of the “hordes of horny blacks” and put up fake gallows for “traitors.”

They said high treason was committed by some Czech politicians, most notably Sobotka.

“In connection with the possible acceptation of refugees, a wave of hatred is spreading in our country,” Stop Hatred spokeswoman Apolena Rychlikova has said.

Rychlikova said Czech society was aggressive against the refugees.

This was evidenced by the petition of the Bloc Against Islam group, led by Martin Konvicka, she added.

“In a relatively short time, Konvicka’s petition was signed by 150,000 people,” she added.

Earlier on Friday, twelve senators from the opposition asked the government to react to the hateful behaviour of the opponents of migration.