Most, North Bohemia, Sept 6 (CTK) – The police have accused anarchist Lukas Borl, from the Revolutionary Cells Network (SRB), of three criminal acts, as the group has claimed several attacks on a Prague restaurant and setting police cars aflame, a district state attorney, Nada Volakova, confirmed to CTK on Tuesday.

The police were searching for Borl for several months. After they detained him on Sunday, he was taken into custody.

If convicted, Borl may receive a ten-year prison term.

Borl is considered the founder of the SRB. When attacking the restaurant, its members argued that its owner owes money to his current and former employees.

The group members have also posted online instructions on how to set cars aflame and to produce Molotov cocktails.

Last year, Borl was detained within an anti-mafia police raid with a focus on leftist extremists.

However, the police then released him.

He was also tried along with another 14 squatters who occupied illegally a house in Prague in 2009. Borl was acquitted by an appeals court.

Borl has said online that he decided to go into hiding after the plainclothes police started shadowing him.

After last year’s raid on anarchists, charges were brought against six people. At the beginning of last August, five were tried over the preparation of a terrorist attack on a train.