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Trade unions: Education should be priority for government

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Prague, Nov 6 (CTK) – Education trade unions expect the next government to take specific steps with which to increase the budget of the educational sphere, representatives of the Bohemian and Moravian Trade Union in Education and the University Trade Union told journalists on Monday.

They also insist on raising the teachers’ salaries which should reach at least 50,000 crowns a month as well as those of the non-teaching staff.

In next years, roughly ten billion crowns a year should be sent to the regional educational system for the pay rises, Frantisek Dobsik, chairman of the teachers’ trade union, said.

Teachers should be given even a bigger pay rise so that the average of their salaries rose in comparison with other professions in the civil service, he added.

Another four billion crowns should go to higher schools in the years to come, Petr Baierl, head of the University Trade Union, said.

The parties that are to form the new government should confirm that education is a priority for them, they said.

As of November, the government has given a 15 percent pay rise to teachers.

The budget bill for next year is to be approved by the new Chamber of Deputies, which arose from the October general election.

The education trade unions have drafted a petition for another pay rise for teachers. The signatures will be collected until December 1.

The trade unions want the teachers’ salaries to reach 130 percent of the average salary by 2020. At present, the average national salary is 29,346 crowns, which would mean roughly 38,000 crowns.

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