Prague, July 8 (CTK) – The latest developments in Greece will not have a negative impact on the Czech economy and the European Union in general, Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) told journalists in the Chamber of Deputies Wednesday.

“The Czech crown is getting stronger and the crisis does not actually concern us. I can see no negative influence on our economy and on the EU in general,” he said.

Babis said the possible exit of Greece from the euro zone would be no tragedy.

“As Greece has never belonged to the euro zone, it should leave it, but this of course means that the debts are irrecoverable because it is impossible to pay a debt of 313 billion euros,” he said.

Babis said the EU representatives only have to admit that they made a mistake in relation to Greece and to include the debts in the budgets of the countries that are the creditors.

The Greek developments did not stir the financial markets because the debts concern states and tax payers, he added.

Opposition Civic Democrat (ODS) leader Petr Fiala said the Greek debt crisis had no good solution, just bad and even worse solutions.

“An even worse solution is a senseless effort to keep Greece in the euro zone at any cost,” he said.

“Only real reforms of the state administration and economy and its own currency can bring growth and prosperity back to Greece,” Fiala said.

A majority of Greeks rejected the terms for new financial aid set by the euro zone in a referendum held on Sunday. The country is threatened with the exit from the euro zone. EU representatives will discuss Greece on Sunday.