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Poland to help combat Czech pervitin production

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Berlin/Brno, Oct 7 (CTK) – Polish pharmacies are no longer to be a source of medicines for the production of pervitin (methamphetamine or crystal) in the Czech Republic as it will toughen the sale of the medicines from which it is produced, Czech Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman told CTK Wednesday.

Zeman met his counterparts from Poland and Germany in Dresden.

Zeman warned in the past that Czech drug dealers were travelling for easily available medicines to Poland, selling the produced pervitin in Germany.

It is also available at the drug market in Berlin.

The new legislation in Poland that curbs the sale of some medicaments is valid since the first half of this year.

The conditions for the sale of the medicaments in question will be made even tougher as of 2017.

In the Czech Republic, their sale has been seriously limited for long.

“I consider the (Polish) change to the legislation a very positive result in the struggle against the production of and dealing in pervitin,” Zeman said.

“This is to seriously curb the availability of the so-called precursors, considerably restricting the mass production of the narcotic,” he added.

German representatives appreciated the Czech Republic’s attitude to the struggle with pervitin.

Saxony’s Justice Minister Sebastian Gemkow said it was a considerable progress that Prague had placed chloro ephedrine, used for the production of pervitin, on the list of banned substances.

“This will help our joint effort at a European ban of the substance,” Gemkow has told the paper Leipziger Volkszeitung.

Last year, the Czech and German police seized 2.9 tonnes of chloro ephedrine in a joint raid. The police said some 2.3 tonnes of pervitin could be made of it, whose price would be 184 million euros on the German market.

In the Czech Republic, pervitin is the most frequently used narcotic.

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