Prague, Feb 8 (CTK) – The Czech Government Office has asked the relevant institutions to look into possible leaks of classified information from the National Security Council and its leadership, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) told reporters on Monday.

He added that he expected the cases to be investigated.

Sensitive information leaks have been speculated about mainly in connection with the negotiations about the release of Czechs abducted in Pakistan and Lebanon in the past.

“As far as possible leaks from the National Security Council or its leadership are concerned, the Government Office has made respective suggestions to the institutions that are able to act in this matter,” Sobotka said, being asked how he would solve the classified information leaks.

Opposition Civic Democrat (ODS) chairman Petr Fiala criticised the information leaks on Monday. He said they would be threatening the lives of thousands of Czech citizens in the future.

He reacted to a report of the Respekt weekly, writing that the Czech Republic paid six million dollars for the release of two Czech women abducted in Pakistan.

The women, Hana Humpalova and Antonie Chrastecka, returned home last March after spending two years with their kidnappers. It has long been speculated about Prague paying ransom for them, though politicians have denied it.

In addition, details from the negotiations about the release of five Czechs detained in Lebanon until recently leaked to the public.

Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky (ANO) confirmed in the press that the five Czechs had been swapped for the release of Lebanese Ali Fayad, suspected of terrorism and detained in the Czech Republic, whose extradition the United States demanded.