Svatoborice-Mistrin, South Moravia, Oct 7 (CTK) – A museum on a Nazi-operated internment camp with a memorial to 3,500 people who were sent to it opened in Svatoborice-Mistrin on Saturday.

The Nazi authorities sent relatives of Czech resistance movement members based abroad and relatives of soldiers fighting on the western and eastern fronts, among others, to the camp from 1942.

Jan Kux, who specialises in the history of the camp, said the sanitary conditions were very bad and deaths of 700 inmates were registered by January 1943.

The guardians were ordered to shoot at any inmate who would get close to the fence, he said.

“The upper and lower part of the camp were connected by a bridge over a district road which the prisoners called a bridge of sights,” Kux said.

The museum presents about 70 artifacts related to the camp.

“We tried to gather originals of various items, documents and photographs that we got from former prisoners and their families,” said Rostislav Marada, from the local culture house.