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Oldest Czech citizen passes: 108 years old from Kroměříž

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Magdalena Kytnerova was born before the existence of Czechoslovakia, in the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, in Austria, in March 1911. During her childhood she became an orphan, which never makes life easier. She liked to read, watch television and listen to the radio. She did not even have a problem adapting to new technologies; she often kept in touch with her daughter via Skype. One of her key personality traits was taking things with ease.

The oldest 30 humans on earth are women, who greatly outnumber the amount of men in the over 100 club. Japan is then the country with the highest amount of people over 100. Officially the oldest person whose age was well documented lived to be 122 and 164 days old, Jeanne Calment from France. Also being one for keeping up with the times, she quit smoking at 115 years old.

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