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Up to CZK 50k fine for dogs without electronic chip

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From the middle of January the fine for having a dog not chipped will be between CZK 20k and CZK 50k. The law goes into effect on Wednesday warned the spokesperson for the State Veterinarian Office Petr Vorlicek. Interestingly enough the central register for dogs will not be functional until 2022, with which the database with the chipped digs could be synchronized.

Thus there are several voluntary databases for dogs with chips, or some cities and towns have their own systems, but there is no functional central register. Many veterinarians argue that it would have made more sense to first make the central registry, then mandatory dog chipping. The Ministry of Agriculture even laid out a budget of 50 to 60 million Crowns for the register project.

The government also adjusted the age at which the mandatory chipping is required. The new law states that the dog needs to be micro chipped before three months of age, unless the animal is sold, in which the chipping needs to be immediate.

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