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Foreign agencies call Zeman controversial politician

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Paris/London/Washington/Berlin, March 9 (CTK) – Foreign agencies mostly describe Czech President Milos Zeman as a controversial politician in their reaction to his announcement that he would seek re-election on Thursday.

The AP news agency writes that Zeman “has become known for strong anti-migrant rhetoric, as well as divided the nation with his pro-Russia stance and support for closer ties with China.”

The dpa German news agency also writes that Zeman is perceived in the Czech Republic as a controversial personality.

The AFP French agency calls the 72-year-old Zeman “a veteran of the left wing” and a pro-Russian politician who is opposed to immigration.

In this connection, dpa reminds of Zeman criticising the open policy towards refugees of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Zeman called it nonsensical and “false humanism.”

AP also writes about Zeman as “one of the few European leaders to endorse Donald Trump’s bid for the White House.”

As a coincidence, the annual report of the U.S. Department of State on human rights in the world, released last week, mentions Zeman. It says some supreme Czech politicians, including President Zeman, support anti-immigrant moods in the Czech Republic by their statements.

AP and Reuters also point out that Zeman is popular and that he will hardly have any serious rivals to prevent his re-election.

Mainly inhabitants of villages and small towns assess Zeman’s steps positively, while intellectual circles in Prague and other cities question or even hate them, AFP writes.

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