Prague, July 9 (CTK) – The Revolutionary Cells Network (SRN) has claimed five arson attacks on police cars over the past two months as a revenge for the April police action against the “first Czech terrorists,” daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes Thursday.

According to detectives, the extreme leftist scene prepared an attack on a military train in April, LN writes.

However, anarchists consider the spring police action a police provocation, it adds.

As a retaliation, they have targeted the police cars. The latest two attacks occurred in Prague last week, LN writes.

At first, a police car was set on fire near a metro station last Wednesday. On Saturday, another police car was lit on fire near a railway station, it adds.

The arsonists were as insolent as to commit their crime right outside police stations, LN writes.

In all, five police cars were set on fire over the past two months, it adds.

“This has occurred in reaction to the police and state reprisals against anarchists,” LN quotes the SRN as saying.

“With the sabotage, the Wild Hearts cell has sent the message: ‘We are not ready to put up with the violence on the part of the state. We will fight it,'” it added.

The police are watching the arsonists’ activities, LN writes.

“We know about the declaration. Attacks by leftist extremists are one of the most probably versions,” police spokesman Jan Danek is quoted as saying.

However, the culprits are still at large, LN writes.

“No one has been detained. We are still looking for the perpetrators,” Danek said.

The scenarios of the attacks were always similar, LN writes.

Under the cover of the night, a person came close to a police car and poured a combustible on it, it adds.

The Prague police have taken some strict security measures over the arsons, LN writes.

However, their spokeswoman has declined to elaborate, it adds.

The attacks have not only occurred in Prague, LN writes.

In late June, fire also destroyed two cars of the police in Most, north Bohemia, it adds.

“The police are armed guardians of status quo. They attack everyone who destroys the false myth of fair capitalism. We respond by sabotaging their equipment,” the group Lex, a part of the SRN, is quoted by LN as saying.

“The police hunt of the anarchists continues, but the determination to resist is still unbroken,” it added.

The first attack on the police following the action against anarchists occurred outside a police station in Prague in mid-May, LN writes.

Extremism expert Stepan Vyborny told the paper that not any major group was involved in the attacks.

“These are mostly attacks by individuals or small groups. These are lone wolves who commit these acts within the framework of some ideas,” Vyborny said.

“One can hardly put up any real fight against this,” he added.

“At the moment, I do not expect any even more radical attacks,” Vyborny said.