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MfD: Arabs cleaning town to have good relations with Czechs

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Prague, Aug 7 (CTK) – The Arabs staying in the spa of the Teplice, north Bohemia, are cleaning up the local area to ease the tension between them and local residents, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes Friday.

This week, the Arabs staged the second cleaning of the Sanovsky park in which they often practice picnicking, MfD writes.

In recent weeks, some Teplice residents protested against the Arabs making disorder in the area.

The “act of reconciliation” is to repeat, MfD writes.

In addition, picnics at which the Arabs are to make friends with locals are to be staged, it adds.

“We want Teplice residents to learn the culture of the spa guests and vice versa,” organiser Eman Ghaleb, a 17-year girl born in Yemen, who has been living in Teplice since 2003, told the paper.

“This will prevent further misunderstandings,” Ghaleb said.

Football pitches are to be leased so that the children of the Middle East visitors do not threaten people walking in the park by their playing football, MfD writes.

“We will insist on the maintenance of order and night calm, asking the spa guests to follow suit,” Ghaleb said.

The relationships between the spa guests from the Middle East and the Teplice residents are being dealt with not only in the streets and social networks, but also on the diplomatic level, MfD writes.

Earlier this week, ambassador of Kuwait Ayman Muhammad Al-Adsani agreed with Teplice officials on continuing the practice that proved well last year already, it adds.

“We will pass again information on the clients who breach the rules in Teplice to the Kuwaiti side,” Deputy Mayor Hynek Hanza has told the paper.

“They can expect punishment back in Kuwait,” he added.

“They were fined in Teplice and after their return to Kuwait, they were stripped of their driving licences. Kuwaiti authorities even restricted further travels abroad to some of them,” Hanza said.

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