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MfD: Most university students want to work, live abroad

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Prague, Aug 9 (CTK) – Some 77 percent of Czech university students would like to live and work outside the Czech Republic for a long time, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes on Tuesday, citing the figures from a poll conducted among university students by their paper Studenta.

There is a rather surprising discrepancy, MfD writes.

On the one hand, Czech students appreciate the feeling of safety, free health care and education here, but over three-quarters of them feel tempted by a life abroad, it adds.

On the one hand, 84 percent of students believe that the Czech Republic is a good country for life, but just one-quarter of them are ready to live in it for long, MfD writes.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,019 university students from across the Czech Republic, it adds.

Over one half of the students believe that they will find higher living standards and better jobs abroad than here, MfD writes.

They also expect the stay abroad to give them a better general prospect, perfect mastering of a foreign language and positive mentality of the people there, it adds.

“Just this, what is denoted as typical Czech national character, is one of the strong arguments to leave. They resent envy, jealousy and shortsightedness of a typical Czech,” Marketa Parackova, chief editor of Studenta, is quoted as saying.

The students are mostly attracted by European countries (38 percent of those who want to leave), specifically by Britain, Germany, Austria and Nordic countries.

On the other hand, they are reluctant to leave for Poland, Slovakia or Belarus.

Europe is followed by Australia and New Zealand (14 percent), the USA (8 percent) and Canada (7 percent), MfD writes.

Czech university students are the least interested in Central and South America as well as Africa, it adds.

The poll has also shown that young Czechs are well versed in travelling abroad.

Almost 70 percent of them travel abroad twice to five times a year, MfD writes.

“This is why one cannot say that they have any false ideas of the life in a foreign country,” it adds.

In addition, some 60 percent of Czech university students are attracted by “digital nomadism,” a lifestyle which is not connected with any specific place or working hours.

Such people often travel to various countries, not being bound to any and having no boss.

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