Prague, Sept 9 (CTK) – A fund to aid asylum seekers should be formed if their influx to the Czech Republic increases, Economic Chamber (HK) head Vladimir Dlouhy told journalists Wednesday.

Both firms and the state should contribute to the fund that would finance their education and qualification, Dlouhy said.

Workers in some professions are lacking in the Czech Republic, he added.

The discussion about refugees in the Czech Republic has been pushed into a “mix of ignorance, populism, egotism, fear and anger,” Dlouhy said, adding that he would like to contribute to its reversal.

“Instead of spending money on fences and military deployment that will not prevent the refugee waves at any rate, let us look for a more efficient use,” Dlouhy said.

He said the HK had not yet discussed the proposal, but its board had backed it.

Between January and July, asylum was asked by 884 people, including 143 children, in the Czech Republic.

Of the number, 60 were from Syria.

In the first seven months of the year, the authorities granted asylum to 35 persons and temporary protection to 281 people.

Dlouhy said given such numbers there was the need of “halting the influx of emotions and of starting doing something.”

He said some politicians were only fomenting the tension, fuelling the fear of migration.

Dlouhy said he was not for any unlimited acceptance of the refugees.

Quotas are no solution, he added.

Dlouhy said some professions were “dying out in the Czech Republic. Children are not interested in some manual jobs. The companies only with difficulties find the manpower in manufacturing.”

“There is and will be a shortage of drivers. Perhaps thousands may be needed,” he added.

“The gaps could be closed by the asylum seekers,” Dlouhy said.

The fund may cover the education of the children and training of the adults, he added.