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Czech News in English » News » National » Humanitarian organisation calls on ČR to accept war orphans

Humanitarian organisation calls on ČR to accept war orphans

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Prague, Sept 9 (CTK) – The International Children’s Cross humanitarian organisation has proposed that the Czech Republic accept 50 war orphans from Syria who would be accommodated in a newly reconstructed building together with Syrian mothers with small children, Tatjana Horakova said Wednesday.

Horakova, president of the Prague-based organisation, said the Interior Ministry supports the idea of providing assistance to children.

The International Children’s Cross that has provided medical care for children in war-stricken areas since 1992 now focuses on Syrian refugees.

Horakova said the consequences, not the causes of the current migrant crisis are being solved. World great powers should not have allowed the war in Syria to reach the current “monstrous dimensions.”

She said the worst thing now is that weapons continue to be supplied to the country.

Horakova said it is necessary to start protecting the Schengen area border. “Those who say this is not necessary, are mistaken,” she added.

Horakova said people fleeing Syria out of pure fear of war are stopping in nearby safe countries, such as Turkey and Jordan.

The International Children’s Cross does not agree with the quota-based refugee sharing because no one can be forced to live where they do not want, Horakova said.

She said it is not fortunate either to accommodate the refugees with Czech citizens’ families.

“We propose that the reconstructed former barracks should be turned into flats for a few refugee families with a self-rule authority where they would look after themselves,” Horakova said.

The International Children’s Cross was long known as Helios. It has used the current name since last year. The international organisation has 29 national branches in various countries.

Its doctors treated 4000 wounded people, mainly children, in Syria last year. During the existence of the organisation of more than 20 years, 24 of its doctors, eight medical workers and 13 collaborators have died.

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