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Doctor says Zeman’s recovery from diabetes is lay claim

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Prague, Nov 9 (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman’s claim that his diabetes subsided was a lay statement, but his lower glycemia is a very positive result achieved thanks to his losing weight and keeping a strict diet, his doctor Miloslav Kalas told on Thursday.

“It was a lay statement by the president, who is not a doctor,” the server cites Kalas commenting on Zeman’s words about diabetes.

Zeman’s glycemia, the level of glucose in his blood, was 5.8 (mmol/l) before his dinner in the Lany presidential chateau near Prague on Saturday, which was due to his loss of weight. It was approaching the standard compared to his height, Kalas told

“The doctor and I were shocked because of that. As you know, the limit of diabetes is 6.0 (mmol/l), so I have, after many years, been rid of the disease, perhaps because I have lately been eating sweet meals very often, since I like them. It is a little paradoxical therapy, but it has paid itself,” the server quotes Zeman as saying on Monday.

Zeman also denied suffering from gout.

Kalas also said neuropathy, which has bothered Zeman for long, should not be worsening thanks to his glycemia being stabilised.

On the other hand, Kalas pointed out that he had a trouble to persuade Zeman to give up smoking.

Kalas also said it was important for Zeman, 73, in his age, that his electrocardiogram (ECG) was normal. He said he was consulting relevant specialists on all specific health problems of the president, mentioning the eye clinic of the Military University Hospital and the vascular surgery ward in Na Homolce Hospital.

Kalas, from Prague’s Na Homolce hospital, rejected on Wednesday recent reports of Zeman suffering from cancer.

Brno councillor Svatopluk Bartik (Live Brno movement) has written on Facebook that Zeman has cancer and ha three to seven months of life left. The president knows the diagnosis and rejected the treatment, Bartik said.

Zeman’s spokesman Jiri Ovcacek called the statements blatant lies. Zeman’s lawyer filed a criminal complaint on suspicion of libel and for the protection of personal rights, Ovcacek said.

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