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Visegrad 4 capital cities sign pact – pledge cooperation on climate and housing shortcomings

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The city of Prague plans on signing a Pact of Free Cities with Budapest, Warsaw and Bratislava. During a meeting commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall the four capitals came to draft the Pact. The mayors of the Cities plan a signing ceremony on the 16th of December in Budapest.

The document should strengthen the cooperation and voice of the Visegrad 4 group. The document covers a broad array of issues that many big cities are trying to find solutions for, and the relative position of the cities mutual development may help them build a best practice in various fields. Some items listed in the text include the climate crisis, if not pollution crisis as Warsaw is one of the world’s most polluted cities in winter. Also listed are: aging population issues, housing and social politics. In addition to working on solving livability, the cities have pledged to guard the population’s freedom, human dignity, democracy, the rule of law and cultural diversity.

In addition to the Visegrad Pact, the city of Prague is also working on the text of an agreement with Vienna. With this relationship Prague hopes to exchange information and develop solutions for housing, transportation and the environment.
In January Prague plans on signing an agreement with Taipei, which has not impressed mainland China.

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