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Ombudsman’s office increasingly dealing with social sphere

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Brno, April 10 (CTK) – People increasingly turn to the Czech Ombudsman’s Office with their problems in the sphere of social security, ombudsman Anna Sabatova said at the annual press conference on Tuesday.

The number of complaints about work and employment rose by 39 percent last year, Sabatova said.

In 2017, the office dealt with almost 1,500 cases in the sphere of social security.

“In the past three years, we saw a permanent growth of complaints in this sphere. Last year, there were roughly 100 people [filing a complaint] more,” Sabatova said.

“Last year, the complaints mainly related to the contribution to care, the benefits for handicapped people, sickness insurance and pensions,” she added.

Last year, the office also examined over 600 complaints from the sphere of construction and regional development, while another almost 500 complaints were from the sphere of the military, police and prison service.

The number of complaints from the sphere of work and employment rose by almost 300 or 39 percent in a single year.

“We repeatedly dealt with the decision-making of job offices on elimination from the register of job seekers. The rules for the elimination are extremely strict and the consequences of the elimination serious,” Sabatova said.

“Our effort wants the authorities to inform their clients as much as possible and in the right way,” she added.

Last year, the total number of complaints delivered to the Ombudsman’s Office fell by about 200 to 8191. Forty of them were from children, Sabatova said.

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