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Poll: Czechs are V4 nation most satisfied with life, economy

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Prague, Aug 10 (CTK) – Czechs assess their country’s economy and living conditions most positively of all Visegrad Four (V4) nations that also include Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, a public opinion poll released by the CVVM agency has shown.

It showed that one third of Czechs consider the economic situation good and a half of them assess the material and living conditions of people positively.

Poles are optimistic as well, according to a local poll.

Thirty-two percent Czech respondents assessed the country’s economic situation good and 24 percent assessed it as bad.

Living conditions are good according to 49 percent of Czechs, while only 14 percent believe they are bad.

Over 20 percent of Czechs expect the living conditions and economic situation further to improve, the poll showed.

In Poland, the economic situation and living conditions were assessed positively by 29 and 46 percent of people, respectively.

Positive assessments prevailed among the Polish respondents, like among the Czechs.

In Slovakia and Hungary, negative assessments prevailed.

The economic situation in their respective countries was assessed positively by only 16 percent of Hungarians and 15 percent of Slovaks, while 38 percent Hungarians and 46 percent of Slovaks assessed it negatively.

Living conditions were assessed positively by 24 and 25 percent of Hungarians and Slovaks, and negatively by 28 and 24 percent of Hungarians and Slovaks, respectively.

In none of the V4 countries has the proportion of positive and negative assessments markedly changed compared with the previous poll conducted at the beginning of the year.

The only exception is a somewhat better assessment of the economic situation by Slovaks and of the living conditions by Czechs.

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