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Czech researchers plan 31 joint projects with Slovaks

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Prague, Jan 11 (CTK) – Experts from the Czech Science Academy (AV CR) will cooperate with their Slovak colleagues on 31 research projects in the years to come on the basis of an agreement that representatives of both countries’ science academies will sign on Thursday.

According to the document, both institutions will mutually “loan” people for joint research projects or study stays.

The AV CR has signed similar agreements with other foreign institutions. However, the cooperation with the Slovak Science Academy is the most extensive, AV CR spokesman Jan Martinek said.

Scientists from 17 institutes of the AV CR, fro instance, of astronomy, physics, microbiology and contemporary history, plan joint research with Slovaks in 2018-2020. Such cooperation is advantageous for both sides since the Slovak Academy has a similar structure and focus of particular institute thanks to the long joint history.

The Czech-Slovak agreement will enable joint research, the exchange of Czech and Slovak researchers working on the same projects as well as short-term individual stays of experts from partner institutes.

The AV CR has signed similar memoranda with other foreign research institutions, such as the Fraunhofer Society German research organisation, which is the European leader in applied research for the industry and civil service. One-third of the budget of the institutes that fall under it is funded from state support, while two-thirds by the revenues from their research.

Under its previous president Jiri Drahos, the AV CR started cooperating with the Max Planck Society, the Chinese Science Academy as well as the Florida International University (FIU).

The Slovak Science Academy was part of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences until the split of the joint state, Czechoslovakia, in 1992. At present, it covers 50 institutes.

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