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Czech divorce rate decreases in recent years

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Prague, Feb 11 (CTK) – The divorce rate was dropping in the Czech Republic in the recent years and a marriage that ended in a divorce lasted longer than before on average, according to the latest data of the Czech Statistical Office (CSU).

On Monday, the National Week of Marriage starts in the Czech Republic. This year, its slogan is Marriage without Myths and the campaign wants to focus on the most frequent mistakes and false expectations that affect married life, such as happy couples do not quarrel, problems in the relationship are solved when babies are born, marriage is the end of passion and freedom or a relationship profits from infidelity.

According to consultants for partner relationships, many people divorce because they believe no care needs to be taken of marriage and because they do not want to work on the relationship and deal with possible conflicts.

In 2016, 45 percent of marriages split up, which has been the lowest figure in the past 15 years.

In 1930, 6 percent of marriages split up, and in 1950 it was 12 percent. In 1980, the divorce rate went up to 30 percent, in 2000 it was over 40 percent and in 2010 it reached 50 percent.

The failed marriaged lasted 13 years last year, compared to 11 years in 2000. People live longer together before divorce also because more marriages split up after more than 25 years: in 2007 this happened in 3777 cases, while in 2016 husband and wife divorced after living together for more than 25 years in 4361 cases.

People most often divorces because of their different personalities, opinions and interests, but also because of infidelity and alcoholism. Two out of five divorce proposals were submitted by both partners, two by the wife and one by the husband. Three in four divorces concerned people from towns.

A majority of the divorced marriages produced children who were minors at the time of divorce. Over 7,500 divorced couples had one child, over 6,400 had two children and about 800 had three or more.

Number of marriages and divorces, divorce rate and average length of marriage before divorce:

Year No. of marriages No. of divorces Divorce rate (%) Divorced after (years)
1930 101,158 4,962 5.6 10.7
1950 95,166 11,312 12.1 10.8
1960 74,173 12,970 15.9 9.8
1970 90,624 21,516 26.1 9.8
1980 78,343 27,218 30.7 10.1
1990 90,953 32,055 38 10.1
2000 55,321 29,704 41.4 11
2005 51,829 31,288 47.3 12.2
2010 46,746 30,783 50 12.7
2015 43,499 27,895 46.5 13
2016 50,768 24,996 45.2 13.1
Source: CSU

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