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Czech News in English » News » National » Coronavirus update: Prague and the Czech Republic

Coronavirus update: Prague and the Czech Republic

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Europe and the world are entering a new phase in the fight against the epidemic. Yesterday, the WHO declared the spread of the Covid-19 virus a pandemic. Europe and most likely the rest of the world ex-China will not be able to accomplish the Chinese method of stopping the spread: total shutdown. Instead the world will start focusing on buying time in order to ease the burden on healthcare staff. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that up to 70% of Germans will induce the virus, not entirely optimistic. The people await a vaccine. The world will try and keep a balance between a continuing economy, improved hygiene and processes for slowing down and gaining control of the virus.

It most certainly is not a time of panic as it is a time to deal with what exists and what is known. The economy will certainly suffer and financial markets around the world are reflecting these increased risks. Humans will prevail, but it is crucial everyone stays rational and in control of the situation.

The Czech Republic is closing in on 94 confirmed cases as of Wednesday night. This includes a few cases which are not traced to a patient zero, meaning the patient got the virus from another person who may not yet be known to the health authorities. Most everything in life is quickly getting cancelled. Schools are closed, even universities. No gatherings. Home-office for lots of office staffers. The trend will continue until healthcare staff can get a grip on what is happening and how best to treat the ill.

The swift decisions in the Czech Republic have put the country ahead of the curb globally. Minister of Health Adam Vojtech (ANO) has done a great job in assessing risks and making hard decisions: impressive for a 33-year old Minister with limited experience. Premier Andrej Babis (ANO) has also done a lot to keep people calm while informing the population what they need to do – like stay at home if one recently returned from a trip to high risk areas or limit visits to grandma for the time being. WASH YOUR HANDS!

Mr. Vojtech has ordered respirators and testing kits in order to continue preparations for further spreading of the virus. It is spreading and these steps are necessary and good planning. Let’s hope the scientists of the world unite, have proper motivation, and develop a vaccine soon. Then, as always, we can continue to toil away at whatever it is we do.

Paul Lysek

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