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Czech News in English » News » National » Court makes young Czech activist legally competent

Court makes young Czech activist legally competent

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Prague, Feb 11 (CTK) – A Czech court met the request of 16-year-old Jakub Cech who wanted to be declared legally competent so that he can communicate with the authorities electronically and be fully responsible for his steps, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) wrote on Saturday.

Cech has become known for revealing mistakes made by various clerks and politicians.

As he did not reach the age of 18, he could not have his own data box, through which people can communicate with state insitutions, and had to send letters by regular mail. “I either had to pay for sending a letter as a recorded delivery or risk that they would deny that they received my letter, which already happened,” he said.

Cech said he addressed the Ombudsman Office, asking for advice, and they recommended to him that he apply for legal competence.

Being legally competent, Cech can communicate with the authorities like any other adult, he can sign contracts or represent associations or other bodies.

Moreover, if some institutions take legal or other steps against him, these steps will concern him and not his parents anymore.

“Some people criticised me for exercising my rights, but not accepting my duties and responsibilities,” Cech said.

He had to prove to the court in his hometown Prostejov, south Moravia, that he is able to earn his living and arrange common affairs as any other adult. “I submitted various documents, including my incomes for short-term jobs and fees for my contributions to media,” Cech said.

In the past, some institutions to which he complained challenged his competence.

In 2016, Czech courts granted legal competence to 21 young people. Mostly, people who are younger than 18 apply for the competence because they run a business. Sometimes a person needs to be legally competent to be able to get married.

However, those who are declared legally competent before the age of 18, can neither take part in elections nor buy alcohol or cigarettes in shops.

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