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Czech News in English » News » National » Poll: Opposition to death penalty rising among Czechs

Poll: Opposition to death penalty rising among Czechs

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Prague, June 12 (CTK) – Some 38 percent of Czechs are against the capital punishment, the biggest proportion over the past 25 years, according to a poll conducted by the CVVM polling institute in May and released on Monday.

However, over one half of Czechs are still for the death penalty.

Capital punishment was cancelled after the ousting of the Communist regime in 1990.

The CVVM has been finding out since 1992 what part of the population is for the reintroduction of the capital punishment or against it.

The proportion of the former has been steadily bigger than the latter, but the difference has been diminishing.

In 1992, capital punishment was favoured by 76 percent of Czechs, while only 13 percent were against it.

This year, capital punishment was only approved of by 53 percent of Czechs, while 38 percent were against it.

People with higher education and church-goers tend to be opposed to the death penalty, while it is mostly preferred by the elderly and the voters of extremist parties.

The CVVM was also finding out what arguments are mostly used in the debate.

Roughly two-thirds of the advocates of death penalty agreed with three arguments.

First, it brings satisfaction to the victims and their families.

Second, without the death penalty, the state uselessly provides livelihood to habitual criminals from the taxpayers’ money. Third, the execution is an adequate punishment for the worst crimes.

On the other hand, almost three-quarters agree with two arguments against the death penalty. These are the risk of a judiciary error and the idea that it can be abused.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,019 Czechs over 15 between May 8 and 18.

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