Prague, Feb 13 (CTK) – Czech MEPs want to push through the softening of the EU directive on firearms possession in the European Parliament (EP), MEPs Jiri Pospisil (for TOP 09) and Stanislav Polcak (Mayors and Independents/STAN, elected for TOP 09) told reporters on Monday.

The directive in its current version is inapplicable, it only increases the legal uncertainty and provokes the citizens’ resistance to the European Union (EU), they said.

At the same time, they criticised Interior Minister Milan Chovanec’s (Social Democrats, CSSD) proposal for a constitutional law to strengthen the rights to use legally possessed firearms.

Chovanec’s draft does not solve the problems with the EU’s firearms directive, the MEPs said.

“The fight against terrorism cannot be waged by banning legally possessed arms,” Pospisil said.

This directive will only make at least several dozen thousand people in the Czech Republic stand up against the European Union, he added.

Polcak said he, MEP Dita Charanzova (ANO) and other MEPs were preparing proposed changes to soften the forearms directive. They would like to submit them to the EP during its March session, he added.