Prague, Feb 13 (CTK) – Most university students think that the Czech Republic should stay in the European Union and only a quarter support the country’s withdrawal from the EU, according to a survey by the Studenta magazine conducted on more than 1000 students and released to CTK.

The students who are in favour of staying in the EU say membership makes access to studies and work abroad easier and helps ensure security and economic growth.

Those in favour of the departure argued with the weakening of national interests, or disagreement with decision-making from Brussels.

“Other reasons for withdrawal from the EU is disagreement with the Union’s current policy and mistrust of the operability of the EU concept,” Marketa Parackova, Studenta’s editor-in-chief, said in a press release.

Sixty percent of university students support promoting economic relations with Russia and China and say the strong position of the two countries should be respected, the survey showed.

However, 90 percent of the respondents are against Turkey having visa-free relations with the EU.

Turkey has sought their introduction within negotiations with the EU about a solution to the migrant crisis.

Students are rather sceptical about migrants. Only one fifth of them believe that people heading for Europe en mass are fleeing war and that they should be helped, according to the survey.

About one third of students believe that migrants have economic motives.

One quarter of the respondents even warned of that this is the first stage of colonisation of Europe by Muslims, which must be barred.