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Czech robs bank in Switzerland; later found by police having a beer at a local pub

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The city of Chur, Switzerland had some excitement on Thursday when a 55 year-old Czech walked into a bank with a pistol, shooting into the ceiling twice, terrifying patrons. Nobody was hurt in the incident but the man managed to walk away from the bank with several tens of thousands of Swiss Francs. The suspect was found soon after, sitting in a pub calmly, drinking a beer reported a Swiss daily Tages-Anzeiger.

The owner of the establishment where the suspect was caught told police that “The man acted normally and ordered a beer. He said he was hungry and would go for a Schnitzel. I offered him a croissant or a cake, but he stayed at the beer.”

Police reported that the man entered the bank shortly after 9:00 am. He shot his pistol twice, but did not aim it at anyone. He carried off several tens of thousands of Francs. He was arrested about half an hour later thanks to witnesses.

The enterprising owner of the restaurant has since posted a sign reading “You don’t need to rob a bank to buy a beer here.” Unfortunately, the owner told the newspaper that the suspect did not pay for his beer and owes her 6 CHF or about CZK 140.

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