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One third of foreigners do unqualified jobs in ČR

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Prague, March 13 (CTK) – Every third foreigner employed in the Czech Republic does unqualified and auxiliary work, while one fourth of foreigners are in positions which require qualification and the rest do half-qualified work, according to a statistical publication CTK has at its disposal.

The publication issued by the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) says there were 323,000 foreign employees in the Czech Republic in 2015, three quarters of whom came from the EU.

The strongest group of foreign employees come from the neighbouring Slovakia.

The highest number of foreigners find jobs in processing industry.

Foreigners arrive in the Czech Republic mainly to work in the country. However, since 2012, the Employment Office has not been publishing the numbers of foreigners firms employ.

The office’s spokeswoman Katerina Berankova said the office is in charge of labour permits, while the Interior Ministry is responsible for blue and green cards.

In 2004-08, the number of foreigners working in the Czech Republic was rising. In 2008, the number of employees from countries outside the EU exceeded the number of EU workers by several thousand. Before it was just the opposite.

In 2008, the Employment Office registered almost 284,600 employed foreigners, 143,600 of whom were from outside the EU according to the CSU.

The economic crisis markedly decreased the number of foreigners on the Czech labour market. This concerned mainly those from third countries because authorities ceased to issue them with labour permits.

In the past years, the number of foreigners has been increasing and it reached 323,200 in 2015, some 245,000 of whom came from the EU.

The strongest group of foreign employees were Slovaks, of whom there were 150,300 in 2015. They were followed by 41,850 Ukrainians. In 2008, there were 81,000 Ukrainians employed in the Czech Republic.

Statistics say more foreigners find jobs in administrative and support activities of late. They constitute 14 percent of all employed foreigners and a majority of them come from the EU.

Some 77,000 citizens from EU countries and 17,000 foreigners from third countries worked in processing industry in 2015.

Construction industry employed 33,000 people from the EU and about 10,000 foreigners from outside the EU.

In science and specialist professions, some 18,000 citizens from other EU countries and about 4000 of citizens from outside the EU found jobs in 2015.

Some 25,000 people from the EU and 10,000 from other countries were employed in retail and in the maintenance and repairs of vehicles in 2015.

In 2008, as many as 71,000 people from third countries and 9000 from the EU did unqualified work.

In 2015, unqualified jobs were done by 66,000 EU citizens and 26,000 people from countries outside the EU, while, qualified jobs were done by 60,000 people from the EU and 16,000 from other countries.

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