Cehnice, South Bohemia, June 13 (CTK) – Both homeschooling and home births are just fashion trends, Czech President Milos Zeman said during his visit to the South Bohemia Region on Tuesday.

Zeman said he did not consider home education right as parents cannot have sufficient knowledge to teach their children like teachers at school.

Zeman compared home education with home births saying this is also just a fashion trend.

“Homeschooling is nonsense,” he said.

The parents would have to command a sufficient and deep grasp in a number of school subjects in the first grades already.

“If they grasped such knowledge, they would be brilliant and they should have been displayed in a museum. However, most normal parents cannot do and do not know everything. Consequently, children are deprived of something as the parents give them just the knowledge they have, while a teacher is trained to convey knowledge in all fields,” Zeman said.

He compared homeschooling to such trends as inclusion (of the disabled children at regular schools), quotas for women and home births.

This is just an excess of which people will grow tired with time, Zeman added.

He continues his three-day visit to South Bohemia that ends on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, he also visited Hostice village where “his Zemak” bus is parked. As Social Democrat (CSSD) chairman, Zeman was touring the Czech Republic with this bus during the campaign before the parliamentary elections in 1996 and 1998. Now the bus is one of the tourist attractions in the village.