Prague, July 13 (CTK) – The Czech branch of the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is launching a charity campaign on the Internet aimed to gain 150,000 crowns in support of community savings and purchase of domestic animals for the poorest families and orphans in Rwanda.

People can donate any financial sum via the server by August 26.

For example, 905 crowns is necessary to to buy a goat, and about twice as much to buy a pig.

In Rwanda, 38-percent of children suffer from chronic malnutrition due to a lack of quality food.

“A solution…is not to supply food to them – the people must help themselves. Cattle banks only give them a chance of permanent livelihood and enhance their self-supporting capability,” Czech UNICEF director Pavla Gomba said.

“Community savings enable local women to launch their own small businesses and create reserves in case of an illness or a failed crop.

Czech UNICEF has been long supporting projects in Rwanda.

Thanks to Czech donors, whole Rwandese villages drink clean water, hundreds of children attend school and step parents have been found for more than 660 orphans or abandoned children, Gomba said.

“I believe that the new campaign will secure a decent cattle herd for those who need help most of all,” she added.

Czech UNICEF is one of the five organisations in the country to have successfully tested crowdfunding last year, when a sum in aid of a small monk from Bhutan was collected.

Another Czech group which collects money for the purchase of goats, donkeys and chicken for people in Africa, Cambodia and Nepal is the People in Need humanitarian organisation.

People can send donations via its website.