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MfD: Police set train on fire as part of criminal enquiry

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Prague, Aug 13 (CTK) – The Czech police applied a unique method of investigation recently when they set a train on fire in an effort to gain evidence against anarchists suspected of planning a terrorist attack on a train, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes Thursday.

The suspects dismiss having planned to attack a train with Molotov cocktails.

The investigators decided to simulate the terrorist attack on a rail circuit near Velim, central Bohemia, that is situated aside public lines and is designed for train testing, in order to prove that Molotov cocktails containing petrol could have really set a train on fire, and to estimate the damage the attack could have caused.

“It has turned out that bottles with an inflammable substance can really set a cargo train on fire,” a source close to the investigation has told MfD.

The police, assisted by firefighters, made a series of tests on a train they borrowed from one of the Czech rail companies.

They will have to cover the damage they might cause to the train, the paper writes.

The police suspect three people from the leftist Network of Revolutionary Cells of planning the terrorist attack and another two of failing to report the plan though they knew about it.

The key piece of evidence will be the testimony of two police agents who infiltrated the group and took part in its internal debates and activities for several months, the daily writes.

The police say the suspects planned to set on fire a train transporting either cars or military equipment on the Branik Bridge that crosses the Vltava River on the southern outskirts of Prague.

The suspects’ defence, nevertheless, asserts that their clients never belonged to the Network of Revolutionary Cells and that they are pacifists,

It was the police agents among them who tried to encourage them to launch an action, the defence lawyers say, according to MfD.

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