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Experts seek ways for schools to resume security lessons

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Prague, March 14 (CTK) – Czech inhabitants do not know how to adequately react to disasters such as floods or fire, or emergency situations such as traffic accidents or a terrorist attack, which is why experts seek ways to reintroduce defence and security education in schools at the cabinet’s request.

“The protection of one’s own health and life ranks among people’s fundamental competences,” the report says, adding that a large part of the population would fail to tackle emergency situations now.

In the past, compulsory defence and security lessons taught students how to behave during an armed conflict. They were abolished in 1991. As a result, a large part of the population does not know how to behave in emergency situations, and many are even unable to tackle the risks of everyday life, the ministry writes.

People often do not know how to provide first aid and they ignore the rules of safe behaviour, it writes.

The number of emergency situations caused by natural factors as well as world political threats has been rising, which is why the Czech government wants to focus on improving the population’s preparedness for them, the ministry writes.

At present, schools do not provide security education systematically, it says.

The existing package of security issues to be taught is sufficient, but individual issues are taught within different school subjects, which causes troubles, it says.

That is why the cabinet recently decided that the Interior Ministry and the Education Ministry will establish a joint group of experts to seek better integration of security issues in school education.

An analysis has shown that young teachers, fresh graduates from the faculties of education, are rather unprepared for teaching defence and security, the ministry writes and adds that it wants to remedy the shortcoming.

Most elementary and secondary school teachers have not attended any course to improve their competences in this respect in the past two years, the report writes.

It says the forthcoming across-the-board tests of the fifth- and ninth-graders’ knowledge will also focus on their knowledge of defence and security issues.

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