Prague, May 13 (CTK) – Roughly 34 percent of Czechs between the age of 20 and 34 do not use their skills in their work, according to a survey conducted by the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) and released on Saturday.

Roughly one-half of the young had a six-month compulsory practice during the process of their education, the survey found.

People with higher education are most satisfied with the application of their skills.

Young people’s satisfaction with the way they can bring to bear their skills depends on their education.

Some 46 percent of the respondents who graduated from vocational schools are dissatisfied.

A large proportion (37 percent) of those with secondary education, especially in the sphere of music and arts, agriculture, forestry and fishery, is also dissatisfied.

A mere 13 percent of Czechs with higher education complain about a bad application of their education. Most of them are from the spheres of services, humanities and arts, the survey found.

Some working experience was gained during their studies by 80 percent of the youths.

Three-quarters of all young employees said they had gained their jobs either through their relatives and friends or contact with their future employer.

Roughly 13 percent found their jobs by answering an ad.

Some 35 percent of university students said they were ready to move outside the Czech Republic in search of a job.

The readiness falls along with rising age. Among the age group of 25 to 29, the proportion was 16 percent and it fell to 8 percent in the next group of 30 to 34.

The survey among the employed aged 20 to 34 showed that 13 percent of them had moved for a new job.

They mostly did so within the Czech Republic (132,000) and some of them abroad (28,000).