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PM dissociates himself from MP’s stance on homosexuals

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Prague, July 14 (CTK) – Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) wrote to CTK on Thursday that deputy Pavlina Nytrova does not express the CSSD’s stance and policy on homosexuals and that he wants to meet her over her statements from which the party has dissociated itself.

Sobotka wrote that intolerance and prejudices must be fought with arguments.

Thursday afternoon, someone hacked into Nytrova’s official website and posted curses on it. “You have mistaken the century,” someone wrote on the web, adding the signature a “bad anarchist.”

Nytrova made the statements on Wednesday when the Chamber of Deputies debated a draft amendment that would allow registered partners to adopt offspring of their partners.

She said homosexuals are promiscuous in their majority, have an above-average tendency towards alcoholism, have a higher rate of mental disorders than the rest of people and that they will gradually try to legalise sex with children.

On public Czech Radio, she said the homosexual lobby has been gradually taking steps to establish the supremacy over the heterosexual group.

Not only politicians of the CSSD, but of other parties, too, have dissociated themselves from Nytrova’s statements. Labour and Social Affairs Minister Michaela Marksova (CSSD) said Nytrova should “join another party.”

Nytrova dismissed this and told CTK that voters could comprehend this as a signal of that the CSSD is getting rid of its members with different opinions and that it is not democratic.

She said the CSSD is not united on registered partnership and the proposal for registered partners to be able to adopt the offspring of their partner.

She said she asked her fellow party members in her constituency about the matter and that “a significant majority” of them were against the draft amendment.

Andrej Babis, ANO chairman and finance minister, dismissed Nytrova’s statements on Twitter as an utter nonsense.

“I attended a boys’ wedding last year and I have many friends among homosexuals whom I esteem,” Babis wrote and attached a picture from the wedding.

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