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Czech petition asks government to accept Syrian children

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Prague, Aug 14 (CTK) – The petition Helping Czechs, protesting against xenophobia, racism and indifference, has called on the government to observe its own commitment to accept 1500 refugees, which it can do by letting Syrian mothers with children in, the activists say on their webpage.

The petition has been joined by explorer and political writer Dan Priban.

He said he believed the help to the children would not make Czech public afraid of any threat to national security.

“In the past, Czechoslovakia accepted abandoned children from Namibia. This is nothing that did not happen in the past,” Priban said.

“This is why it seems to me logical and acceptable by the general public,” Priban said.

He said mothers with children might not make Czechs fear.

“I have several times heard that everyone is afraid of young people with iPhones,” Priban said, referring to what President Milos Zeman said about migrants.

“However, there are also lots of abandoned children in the refugee camps,” he added.

The authors of the petition remind the Czech political representation of its commitment accepted in July 2015, when the government decided that the Czech Republic would accept 1500 refugees.

“This is why we called on the Czech government to make good its promise and to accept primarily Syrian mothers with children within its own commitment as this is the most vulnerable group now suffering in overcrowded refugee camps,” the petition said.

The statement was made by the people from the Facebook group Syrian Children to the Czech Republic, formed in early April 2017 in reaction to the chemical attack in Idlib in Syria.

The gas killed tens of civilians including children.

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