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Deputy trade minister: Roma are like jellyfish, nuisance

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Prague, Sept 14 (CTK) – Czech Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Karel Novotny has written on Facebook that the Roma are like jellyfish because they are “a nuisance, good for nothing,” the server wrote on Thursday.

Novotny runs for the Social Democrats (CSSD) in the Usti Region in the October general election.

Industry and Trade Minister Jiri Havlicek (CSSD) said the statement was unacceptable and distanced himself from it.

Havlicek said he would discuss the affair with Novotny on Friday and then decide on his further steps.

“I will have a thorough conversation on the topic with him, from which the relevant conclusions will arise,” Havlicek said.

Novotny wrote his words within a Facebook discussion, posting his comment on the profile of the group Outraged Mothers which is against migrants, the Roma and sexual minorities.

Novotny joined the Social Democrat in 1998. He was the deputy mayor of Most, north Bohemia, between 2010 and 2014.

There are nine deputy ministers at the Industry and Trade Ministry. Novotny has been the deputy minister in charge of business and consumer protection since February 2014.

The Social Democrats have nominated him for the 13th place on their list of candidates in the Usti Region. His chances of being elected to the Chamber of Deputies are meagre.

Usti Region has a sizeable Roma minority.

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