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Old Czech woman stabs burglar to death

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Ostrava, North Moravia, Sept 14 (CTK) – A Czech woman, 67, stabbed a man who broke into her house to death in the night, regional police spokeswoman Lenka Sikorova told journalists on Thursday, adding that the police were now investigating whether she acted in self-defence.

The police have found out that the man, 46, broke into her house where she was sleeping.

He woke her up and she used a knife, fearing for her life. She stabbed him and the man died instantly of the blow, Sikorova said.

If it is found out that she acted in self-defence, the case will be shelved, she added.

The servers and wrote that she had known the burglar. In the past, he offered to mow the lawn in her garden.

The woman said he had already attacked her once before, demanding money from her.

Last night, he repeated the attack. The man was trying to force his way into the house. She shut herself in the living room and called in the police, the woman said.

In the meantime, he broke the glass pane in the entry door, trying to get into her room.

“For a moment, we were struggling for the door, but he was a strong guy and I did not manage to keep the door closed,” the woman said.

“As the door was half-open, I stabbed him and then slammed the door,” she added.

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