Prague, Dec 14 (CTK) – Most Czechs or 56 percent are of the view that primarily the state should secure old-age pensions, according to the latest poll conducted by the CVVM polling centre and released to CTK on Monday.

Only 10 percent suppose that citizens themselves should care for their pensions and one-third would choose a compromise between the state and personal responsibility for the old age.

More than one-third of respondents (35 percent) said the pension system should be based on solidarity, which means that peoples´s pension levels should not much differ no matter how much they pay to the pension system.

Thirty-one percent of the polled share the opinion that the pension system should be based on individual performance and the pension level should be fully calculated on the basis of people´s contribution to the system and 30 percent would choose the golden mean between both systems.

Only 11 percent of the polled consider the present pension system just, while 44 percent expressed the opposite view and 37 percent consider it “half just.”

Compared to a poll from November 2013, the number of those who consider the current system just dropped by 6 percentage points.

The pension system based on individual performance is supported mainly by the respondents with higher education, good living standards, quite a high income as well as right-wingers, businesspeople and managers, while the solidarity system is mainly preferred by the elderly over 60, pensioners and the unemployed.