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Cabinet approves rise in fresh soldiers, army doctors’ pay

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Prague, Dec 14 (CTK) – The salaries of candidate soldiers, military doctors and dentists as well as air controllers will rise as of January under a government regulation that the Czech cabinet approved on Wednesday.

The pay of candidate soldiers who are preparing for service will increase along with the rise in the minimum wage to 11,000 crowns since it was lower than this sum for some military ranks.

The soldiers’ tariff wages have been increasing since November.

The new pay rise would apply to about 1400 soldiers in seven ranks who are preparing for service in the military.

The pay rise will cost about 11 million crowns.

The Defence Ministry has also proposed higher bonuses for air controllers. They will receive the 3000-crown risk bonus on average a month.

On the basis of a change to another government regulation, air controllers will have their salaries increased thanks to the rise in the stabilisation contribution as well.

The Defence Ministry also proposed that this contribution increase for military doctors, dentists, air traffic controllers and joint attack controllers.

The rise is justified by high costs of air controllers’ training, amounting to millions of crowns.

Besides, the military has problems to find and keep the sufficient number of military doctors, dentists, ait traffic controllers and other experts.

Air traffic controllers can earn one-third higher salaries in the private sector than in the military.

Doctors and dentists in the army also complain that the salaries of their civilian colleagues are rising more quickly than in the military.

Military doctors and dentists will receive 2900 crowns more monthly and air traffic controllers 3000 crowns more as of January 1.

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