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Poll: Czechs’ interest in Syria rising

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Prague, May 15 (CTK) – The Czechs’ interest in the war in Syria, which started in 2011, has increased to the current 35 percent, 9 percent more than last September, according to a poll conducted by the CVVM institute in April and released on Tuesday.

Most Czechs still support the Czech Republic’s engagement in Syria by means of charity collections, sending of doctors, the maintenance of the diplomatic office in Syria and the participation of Czech representatives in political talks.

However, the Czech public is opposed to the financial aid, the deployment of military units in Syria and the acceptance of asylum seekers from Syria.

Charity collections for Syria are backed by 64 percent of the respondents, the sending of doctors to Syria by 60 percent and the maintenance of the diplomatic representation in Syria by 58 percent.

Over one-half of respondents agree with Czechs taking part in the political talks on a solution to the Syrian conflict.

One-half disagrees with the financial help to Syria and roughly two-thirds with the deployment of military units to Syria and acceptance of Syrian asylum seekers.

The CVVM also asked the question of whether people perceive the situation in Syria as a threat to the Czech, European or global security.

According to the biggest number, 74 percent, it does threaten the peace in the world, while the lowest number, 50 percent, agrees with the view that it has an impact on the security of the Czech Republic.

Some 68 percent of the respondents are convinced about the threat to European security.

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