Prague, June 15 (CTK) – A new, anonymous Internet application, GlobalLeaks, launched by the Oziveni NGO Monday, makes reporting of corruption safer for whistleblowers, the NGO announced at a press conference.

On, people can find a simple instruction on how to report corruption.

“Whistleblowers often fear to be [openly] linked to their corruption reports because at present they do not have many chances of averting a revenge. We expects GlobalLeaks to raise whistleblowers’ motivation by the guaranteed anonymity,” the project’s coordinator Lenka Frankova said.

As a step preventing the abuse of the application, whistleblowers are required to fill in a questionary specifying the type of their report.

After reporting corruption, whistleblowers will receive a unique code to help them gain information about the result of their report.

GlobalLeaks is a free software that has been used in dozens of countries. In Africa, it helps fight poachers, in Italia it is used against mafia.