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Poll: Czechs consider waste piling major global problem

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Prague, July 14 (CTK) – Czechs consider the piling of waste, pollution and shortage of drinking water the most serious global problems, according to the latest CVVM poll.

They also regard deforestation as an important problem along with the penetration of harmful substances into plants and animals and pollution of oceans and farmland.

Czechs’s opinion about the serious character of global environmental problems has basically not changed for years.

Ninety-two percent of respondents are of the view that waste piling is a very serious problem, while 91 percent consider the pollution of drinking water as such and 90 percent view drinking water shortage the most important. The same share of respondents cited air pollution as a serious global problem.

Between 88 and 84 percent consider deforestation, the penetration of harmful substances into plants and animals and pollution of virgin forests and farmland a serious problem.

The exhaustion of raw material sources fared ninth on the list of 14 most urgent global problems. It is considered such by 82 percent of people, followed by decrease in species (81 percent) and overpopulation and global warming (76 percent).

Sixty percent consider genetically modified food a serious world problem.

The lowest share of people, only 48 percent, mentioned the operation of nuclear power plants.

According to the pollsters, the assessment of the serious character of global problems is connected with the respondents’ education and their interest in the environment in the Czech Republic.

Secondary school and university graduates more often consider the decline in rain forests, farmland and ocean pollution, the production of genetically modified food and the penetration of harmful substances into plants and animals very serious problems, while, on the contrary, they view nuclear power plants as a less serious problem, compared to other groups of respondents.

Those who are interested in the Czech environment consider all monitored global problems serious except for nuclear power plants, according to the poll conducted on a sample of 1000 respondents over 15 in the second half of May.

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