Prague, Nov 15 (CTK) – The Czech military will stage the biggest exercise of active reserves since they were created at the Libava training ground in northern Moravia in March and April, Chief-of-Staff Josef Becvar has said.

He told the defence committee of the Chamber of Deputies that the reserves will train long-time protection of important state buildings and joint deployment with the police.

The exercise will also check the command and cooperation with professional soldiers and the reserve will train shooting.

A total of 1048 members of 14 infantry companies of active reserves as well as soldiers of selected professional units will take part the exercise that will last seven weeks. This means that two companies will be training every week.

“With its form and content, the exercise will resemble real deployment of military units in fulfilling tasks on the territory of the Czech Republic,” Becvar said.

The active reserves now have some 1250 members.

The military hopes that the number will rise up to 5000 by 2025 thanks to new legislation.

The legislation also provides for sending the reserves to foreign missions and it envisages more money for them, while their employers are to be compensated for the their possible deployment or participation in an exercise.