Prague, Dec 15 (CTK) – The Dawn-National Coalition opposition grouping and the Bloc Against Islam movement will take part in organising simultaneous demonstrations against the threat of Islamisation that will be held in several European cities on February 6, 2016, Dawn representatives said Tuesday.

They said they will organise the event in cooperation with the German Pegida.

The Czechs will help organise the rallies in Slovakia and Estonia, Dawn representatives added.

In Prague, the February 6 rally will be held in a central square and the organisers also reserved a square close to the presidential seat for themselves.

On the same date, a meeting in support of an open and tolerant Europe and against racism and xenophobia is scheduled. It is to be held in the city´s two most popular squares and some other places and last the whole day.

Tommy Robinson, leader of the anti-Islam English Defence League, recently said at a Pegida meeting in Dresden, Germany, that the first European demonstration against Islamisation would take place in Britain and Germany, but also Austria, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Affiliated groups would organise demonstrations in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.