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Zeman opens Charles IV exhibit in Portugal

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Lisbon, Dec 15 (CTK special correspondent) – Czech President Milos Zeman opened an exhibition on Charles IV, the 14th-century Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, in the town of Cascais near Lisbon, on Thursday.

General director of the National Museum, Michal Lukes, said the exhibition might attract tourists to the Czech Republic.

“The items on the exhibition much say about Prague and its beauties. This is why we hope that it can also attract more Portuguese tourists to the Czech Republic,” Lukes said.

Lukes said the the exhibition was called Charles IV and Faith because Catholic religion may link Portuguese with Czechs.

The exhibition, to be opened for the public till the end of January, has three parts.

The first covers the Luxembourg dynasty of which Charles IV was a descendant, the second includes the copies of busts from the Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague and the third puts on display some 20 items, mostly of religious nature.

This year, the 700th birth anniversary of Charles IV (1316-1378) prompted a number exhibitions both inside and outside the Czech Republic, such as those in Nuremberg and Bratislava.

By opening the exhibition, Zeman ended his two-day visit to Portugal, during which he met President Marcel de Sousa and Parliament Chairman Eduardo Rodrigues.

He also attended a Portuguese-Czech trade forum.

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